Better safe, than sorry


Peace of mind is a prime purpose of any holiday. Whilst any adventure expedition involves taking part in some risk, most calamities can have limited consequences when one is properly insured. 

Travel insurances come in two main categories.
One, there is travel assistance insurance which mainly covers repatration and medical assitance abroad.
Second, there is cancellation insurance, which reimburses travel expenses in a number of events.

A valid travel assistance insurance is a prerequisite condition for participation in a Puffins' expedition.
A cancellation insurance is the traveller's own decision and is highly recommended as our trips require long term planning.
We offer both type of insurances.



After thorough market research, we concluded that the best travel insurance is offered by VAB. 
We can offer temporary travel assistance insurance policies for all our guests who reside in EU countries.
We can offer annual policies for Belgian guests only.

VAB travel assistance policy covers:

  • Arctic destinations

  • the type of activities Puffins offers 

  • unlimited search & rescue costs

  • medical expenses abroad until 1.000.000 euro

  • extra accommodation expenses due to forced extended stay

  • repatration due to sickness or injury

  • urly return due to sickness or death of a close family member or damage to your home

Tariffs for temporary policies (EU guests) :

Temporary assistance insurance worldwide: 4 euro/day (minimum 25 euro) or 6 euro/day incl. luggage

Temporary assistance insurance Europe: 2 euro/day (minimum 20 euro) or 3 euro/day incl. luggage

Temporary cancellation insurance: 5% of total travel sum

Luggage only: 0,50 euro/day/250euro value

There is no franchise cost upon a claim.

Tariffs for annual policies (for Belgian residents only):

Travel assistance: 90 euro / 113 euro for couples or families

Cancellation: 149 euro / 226 euro for couples or families

Combination package: 208 euro / 295 euro for couples or families

If you take our insurance, we will assist you in case of a claim.
We are happy to send you the general conditions of the VAB policy without any obligations.



Puffins is a licensed member of the VVR, the Association of Flemish Travel Agencies and thus complies to all requirements of the Belgian Law on Travel Contracts (16 February 1994). 

Our license number is: 9729.

We participate in the group insurance 'Vlaamse Solidariteit Reisgelden' (Flemish Solidarity Travel Funds) which fully protects our travellers financially for our package expeditions in the event of financial insolvency.