In Juni 2018, two teams of Puffins sailed aboard the beautiful Bermuda schooner Abel Tasman. For 10 days, our captain - the famous Roger Wallis - and his expert crew guided the Puffins on an expedition covering the best of the Isfjorden and cruising as far North as the Magdalenafjord, Smeerenburg & Virgohamna. We saw zillions of puffins and other Arctic birds, three polar bears, several colonies of walruses, a school of white beluga whales, Arctic foxes, the intriguing ghost town and urbex mekka of Pyramiden and the livelier Barentsburg, the research town of Ny-Ålesund, abandoned and active mines and not to mention countless glaciers. We learned about whalers, trappers, miners, polar explorers, and climate change science. We fancied ourselves in a National Geographic documentary as we were lucky enough to witness this fragile, yet overwhelmingly beautiful Arctic wilderness.
© pictures by our Puffins Peter Vancoillie & Frits Meyst