Roger Wallis is a Puffin

Roger Wallis (1950), our friend from Tasmania, sails since he is 14 and built his own steel yacht by the age of 18. He skippered more than 90 expeditions to the Antarctican peninsula with scientists and film makers. Roger captained the yacht that filmed most of the footage for BBC’s series ‘Frozen Planet’. He took his sailing yacht to the Arctic in the northern Summer for 8 seasons on end, to places like Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Labrador, Greenland, Alaska & Kamchatka. Among his achievements are four times the magic North West Passage. With more than 350.000 nm in his legs, Roger has accumulated unrivalled expertise on the polar regions and will charm you with a wealth of stories and genuine passion for the Arktis. It is a well-hidden secret that Roger sleeps with a copy of Nansen’s ‘The Farthest North’ below his pillow.

Roger skippers private charters in Greenland for Puffins in the Summer of 2019, we’ve got only one slot left, read all about this incredible opportunity here.

What our Puffins say about Roger:

“Roger Wallis and his crew have many decades of experience in sailing the Arctic and Antarctic and given the nature of the relative small operation I felt very much at home with friends while exploring Spitsbergen.” (Jay, Spitsbergen 2018)