In 2017, Puffins chartered a sailing vessel to explore West-Greenland. We could offer our Puffins an unbeatable price because we chartered the yacht for an entire season from early May until the end of September. By chartering a yacht and engaging our own guides and crew, we had full quality control on the services offered. We want to do this again and offer more people the chance of discovering the wilderness of Greenland in the best possible way: with a comfortable vessel as your basecamp to venture deep into the fjords and with a professional guide & crew to guarantee your safety. To be able to offer you an affordable price, we should join strength and gather enough Puffins to charter a vessel together and start organising this well in advance. We invite you to complete the form below as detailed as possible, with a precise description of your group/travel companions and your specific topics of interest. In this way, we can offer a truly unique and personal experience at the best price you’ll ever get. Spread the word, ‘cause the bird is the word!

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