Philippe Carlier is a Puffin

Philippe is a former airline pilot. He pursued an exciting career as a fighter pilot and as an instructor (notably on F-104s), and ended as Boeing 747 pilot. But he had another dream: together with his daughter Marion and his son Thomas, he has built the perfect Belgian expedition yacht for polar explorations. In the past fifty years, Philippe sailed the world, but it was the High Arctic that kept calling him back. Apart from knowing every screw and bolt in his yacht, Philippe’s life is an interesting library full of adventure: parachutist, diver, balloonist, paraglider… An amiable storyteller, but above all a fully licensed and extremely skilled and clever Skipper with extensive terrain expertise. It is genuine passion reflected, which brings us Puffins to Philippe and his beautiful yacht. Philippe has the reputation of “correctly calculating his actions”, from this point, the Captain now wants to put himself at the service of others.

Philippe skippers for Puffins in Svalbard in 2019 :