In late August 2018, a group op 11 Puffins explored the spectacular, glaciated wild South of Greenland on foot. Two exclusive treks were designed and guided by Greenland pioneer Willem Vandoorne, based on a try-out during Puffins grand Greenland Expedition the year before. The individuals who signed up, did not know each other, but they proved to be the perfect match: a homogenous age group of likeminded, sporty, young, adventurous people. They experienced rougher than usual weather conditions, but they had a blast nonetheless and enjoyed clear vistas of unsurpassed beauty. It was real pioneer work, hiking on unmarked trails. From Narsarsuaq, they hiked up Mellemlandet, learned more about the Vikings in South Greenland, paddled with a local guide between the icebergs of the Nordre Sermilik ice fjord, roamed between herds of reindeer in John Dahl Land, closed with a boat trip on Qoroq ice fjord and camped throughout at surreal sites near active glaciers.
© pictures by our Puffins Tim Verfaillie, Jan Massant & Steven Heylen