Sea the world with new eyes

… or why Puffins love to travel aboard an S/V (Sailing Vessel)

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It is a slow means of travel and it is often not the cheapest option. Yet is by far our favourite means of travel.
We biked through Scandinavia, we hiked through Scandinavia.
But it is only when we started sailing along the lands of the North, that we felt an irrepressible urge to share the experience with fellow adventurers.

Let me tell you why.

First of all, your travel intentions are completely subordinate to the elements. There is so much that can thwart your goals. Too much wind, not enough wind, too much current, a wrong wind direction, too much ice, too much mist … It is almost sheer wonder if you do reach your target. This brings us to what we believe is the quintessence of travelling: let go of control and open your mind to the unexpected. “If the weather permits” becomes a cherished phrase. Greenlanders have a word for it, which sounds like “Imarra”. We’ll see. We’ll sea.

Planet Earth consists of 71% of water. To truly discover her, you need to feel the waves. Approaching land from the sea alters your perspective. From land, you see a vast ocean, dark with treasures below surface. From the ocean, you see inviting land. Sailing into an unfamiliar harbour is an exciting experience promising new contacts & surprises.

It is an ancient means of exploration which brought us knowledge and made us wise. The first boat supposedly dates back to the early Mesolithic period of 8000 Before Christ and ever since it has been a logistical solution to facilitate great exploratory journeys.

With a small vessel you can approach seemingly inaccessible places, which provides you freedom. A motorboat, yes, but add the silence of only nature sounds to your sensation of solitude, and you will experience a feeling of bliss which we cannot adequately put into words.

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camaraderie on a sailing boat

Life on a sailboat demands teamwork. You cannot avoid your comrades, which makes you develop an increased level of tolerance and simply makes you a better person. Horror for some, the deepest connections and camaraderie you can achieve for truly social seabirds, like us Puffins.

We don’t mind back to basics and sleeping in a tent once in a while under a star-lit sky with a pack of freeze-dried food to keep our hands warm and waking up to a lousy cup of coffee. Once in a while. But, we must admit. Once you have experienced the comfort of hiking back to a warm boat, an inviting aperitivo and a decent mattrass, your sailing yacht becomes an addictive wilderness walhalla.

And you know what. You don’t even have to master the art of sailing to enjoy all of its benefits. At Puffins, a magnificent crew takes care of all that, so you can simply gaze into the wild with your new eyes.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
— Marcel Proust
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