Better safe, than sorry

Peace of mind is a prime purpose of any holiday. Whilst any adventure expedition involves taking part in some risk,
most calamities can have limited consequences when one is properly insured.

Travel insurances come in two main categories.
One, there is travel assistance insurance which mainly covers repatriation and medical assistance abroad.
Second, there is cancellation insurance, which reimburses travel expenses in a number of events.

A valid travel assistance insurance is a prerequisite condition for participation in a Puffins’ expedition.
A cancellation insurance is the travellers’ own decision and is highly recommended as our trips require long term planning.
We offer both types of insurances.

Travel assistance insurance

Our temporary travel assistance insurance is an optional extra to our package deal. We do not include it in the package, because many frequent travellers already have a very good insurance and it is not necessary to over-insure. The Mapfre Golden Travel Insurance (European) can be endorsed by all our guests who reside in the EU.

The policy costs 4 euro per travel day, with a minimum of 25 euro and 3 euro administrative file costs.

If you decide not to take the optional travel insurance provided by us, it is your own responsibility to take out an insurance policy, which meets or exceeds the level of protection offered by our policy. What you should take into account:

  • Coverage in Greenland (worldwide coverage)
  • Coverage of the following activities: hiking on unmarked trails, packrafting, glacier hike
  • Unlimited search & rescue costs
  • Medical expenses up to a total amount of 2.000.000 euro/person
  • Forced extended stay due to a closing of airspace

You can read the European’s policy conditions here.

There is no franchise cost upon a claim.

Please bear in mind, Puffins cannot read and compare insurance policies from all over the world. It is your own responsibility, and we strongly advise to contact your insurance company in case of doubt.

As a valid travel insurance is a prerequisite condition for participation, you will be asked upon booking to provide us with the following details:

  • Your policy number
  • The name of your insurance agency
  • The emergency number of your insurance agency

Cancellation insurance

We can offer an optional cancellation insurance at 6.25% of the total travel sum.

It reimburses the total cost price of the trip up to a maximum of 20.000 euro per person.

As this is quite high for a temporary insurance, we recommend you to look into annual travel insurance covering all your trips in one year, or the extra advantages offered by your credit card company or professional benefits you might enjoy.

If you consider a cancellation insurance contract, it must be established no later than 5 calender days after booking the trip if this is over 30 days before departure and on the day of booking if this is within 30 days before departure.

The European policy lists 31 valid reasons for cancellation, which you can read here.


Extended coverage & annual policies

Puffins also offers the Mapfre Assistance extra optional cover for baggage, physical accidents & holiday interruption. For Belgian residents, we can offer the annual Go Safe policy with interesting fees for families or couples. Please contact us, should you wish more information.


Puffins’ License

Puffins is a licensed member of the VVR, the Association of Flemish Travel Agencies and thus complies to all requirements of the Belgian Law on Travel Contracts (16 February 1994).

Our license number is: 9729.

We participate in the group insurance “Vlaamse Solidariteit Reisgelden” (Flemish Solidarity Travel Funds) which fully protects our travellers financially for our package expeditions in the event of financial insolvency.



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