De Tijd/Sabato (28.10.2017):
“Expeditie Groenlandia”

by Journalist Bert Voet & Photographer Thomas De Boever

Circulation 105.000 – Travel report in Dutch

For the weekend magazine of a Belgian business newspaper that addresses managers and entrepreneurs, Bert (38) wrote a descriptive account of the Disko Island expedition he undertook in June together with his girfriend Lore (38) and the befriended photographer Thomas (46). The article also focuses on Puffins’ core team Willem & Sofie and how the whole idea for Puffins came together.

“What happens if a business man lends his luxury sailing yacht to two people in their thirties with a passion for Greenland? Welcome aboard, for a twelve day expedition where the sun never sets, where you visit places where no man has ever set foot before and where a ‘river dance’ is no dance, but a means to survive.”

De Standaard/ Magazine Luxe XL (07.10.2017):
“Groenland. On the Rocks”

by Journalist Wieland De Hoon & Photographers Saskia Dendooven & Peter Vancoillie

Circulation 300.000 – Travel report in Dutch

Wieland (48), Saskia (45) & Peter (44) joined us on the Ilulissat & Eternity Fjord Expedition end of July/beginning of August 2017. Wieland’s writings are a personal appreciation of the expedition he chose to share together with his wife and one of his best friends. His vivid descriptions take you all the way to Greenland, a well-written report of what it’s like on a Puffins expedition. Here is an English translation of the intro and some of our favorite sentences:

“Spotting humpback whales. Cycling over an icecap. Rafting between glaciers. Hiking along unmarked trails. A beachparty at a mountain lake. During a sailing expedition through Greenland, you check off half of your bucket list at once.”

“Pointy mountains with vertical rocks and snowy tops tower above us. Total desolation, absolute untouched wilderness.”

“This is a series of natural wonders that make you daydream an entire year long.”

“This landscape is chaotic and inaccessible, all your senses lose track of the north.”

See more nice pictures on Wieland’s blog: wieland.wordpress.com.

Culinair Ambiance - September 2017:
“Op glad ijs: aan tafel bij de Inuit”

by Journalist Bert Voet & Photographer Thomas De Boever

Circulation 40.000 – Travel report in Dutch

Bert (38) & his girlfriend Lore (38) joined us on a Disko Island expedition in June in 2017. Bon vivant Bert doubles as a foodie while travelling and his 12-page special with culinary angle brings you the stories of Mette Frank, who works in the Ula restaurant in Ilulissat, about Margarethe Lukassen, one of the 19 villagers of Diskofjord, about Illannguaq Peter, a local hunter, about Heine Knudsen, a Danish chef…

About the people & their food. About what you can find in the supermarkets. About the traditional lifestyle of the hunters. And off course about Puffins and one of the pioneering expeditions in a very unique stretch of Greenland on an island surrounded by columnar basalts.


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