Sea the North with New Eyes

We explore wild places
with a comfortable sailing yacht, a touring kayak or on foot.
We make it fun, safe and memorable.

We explore wild places
with a comfortable sailing yacht, a touring kayak or on foot.
We make it fun, safe and memorable.

Where Puffins nest

We are fascinated by the pristine wilderness of remote islands in the North and the Viking legacy to explore     new frontiers.

Natural & flexible travel

Nature-based expeditions with flexible itineraries to grasp weather and other opportunities.

Small groups, big service

We value personal contact with our guests before, during and after the trips. Join a team of 6 to 10 likeminded Puffins or let us design your travel dream. 

Adventure is a mindset

Our trips are open to all in normal physical condition. We offer genuine wilderness experiences in a range of comfort.

Expertise & local knowledge

By sharing in-depth knowledge our expert guides & local friends power to preserve the beauty of our planet.

Transparant price, no surprise

A licensed and trustworthy small-scale tour operator with best-value trips. Browse and compare, our prices are clear and complete.


A picture a day for 110 days

From 9 June – 27 September in 2017, Puffins explored the West Coast of Greenland with 75 pioneers in 9 different groups aboard the luxury sailing yacht the Moonlight II of London. Exactly one year later, it starts to dawn on me what a thrilling rollercoaster the entire adventure has been. In 110 pictures – one for each day – I’d like to share with you my experience and show you a glimpse of Greenland’s grandeur. We started in the capital Nuuk, sailed into the our treasured Eternity Fjord graced with numerous glaciers, moved North between huge ice castles towards Ilulissat & the heart-shaped mountain of Uummannaq; we chased the Aurora South, were awed by the big walls of Tasermiut fjord and had our passage through the illustrious Prins Christan Sund.


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Social seabirds driven by safety and sustainability

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Puffins are funny seabirds breeding along hard-to-reach coastline in the North Atlantic.
Half the year, they wander at sea. In their colonies, they are social and loyal.
As brave adventurers, they dive deep and fly for miles to bring home a mouthful of fish. 

We live and travel like a puffin. We seek & appreciate wild nature
and bring home a mouthful of experiences.
Genuine enthusiasm and a passion for exploration is what brought us together.
We enjoy good company and share a sense for adventure and a curious spirit.

Become a Puffin & travel wise to wild places

- Sofie, founder


Follow our adventures before, during and after the expeditions:

News & stories for front-row pioneers.

News & stories for front-row pioneers.